Compact Design 


Our range of diesel heaters are specially designed for camping and caravanning enthusiasts, to help you stay warm during the colder months and extend the time you can spend out enjoying nature.

We have two models - The 2.5kw or 5kw portable diesel heaters both made with quality components that you can trust to keep you warm in the toughest of conditions.


Powered by 12v or 240v, it’ll go anywhere you will. Power it up, add diesel, you’re away. This is not a cheap throwaway item.


Sydney Diesel Heaters distributes quality-built heaters with quality components, and the best service you will find anywhere. 

Low Noise

Fuel Efficient

Portable Diesel Heaters

The 2.5kw or 5kw portable diesel heater will keep you toasty warm and extend your camping season. Powered by 12v or 240v, it’ll go anywhere you will. Power it up, add diesel, you’re away. 


* Compact design:

     2.5kw: W 22cm x H 40cm x D 34cm  |  5kw: W 24cm x H 42cm x D 42cm

* Built-in 2.5L fuel tank

* Easy to carry (10.4 kg)

* Low noise (40-60db)

* Advanced electronic display controller with diagnostic features

* Fuel-efficient and power-efficient

* CE, ROHS, FCC certificates which pass Australian standards 

12 months manufacturers warranty, ABN and tax invoice supplied

2.5KW Unit

 $1199 AUD

Inc GST + Additional Postage

 $1350 AUD

5KW Unit

Inc GST + Additional Postage

What's included 

With every heater you get all the components needed to get you up and running quickly;

  • Heater Unit 

  • 12v and 240v cables

  • Exhaust Pipe

  • Muffler

  • Hoses

  • Intake Filter

  • Clamps

All included as part of the purchase price stated above



Marc talks us through the features and functions of the 2.5 and 5 KW portable diesel heaters.

Seaside Camping


Take a look at some of the ways our Australian customers put our diesel heaters to work in their own camping and caravanning setups all over the country from bush to beach.

Caravan in the Australian Outback

Technical Information

The portable diesel heater from Sydney Diesel Heaters, is an improved version of an ordinary fixed permanently installed diesel heater. You can see from the pictures, it is a complete unit and has all the heater parts installed internally. 


With both the fuel tank and heater inside one casing, this heater can easily be carried and moved around to suit your individual needs.


This makes it suitable for vehicles such as caravans, hard and soft floor camper trailers, tents, motorhomes, truck cabs, campervans, as well as off-grid cabins, or anything else where versatile heating is required.

Our heater is equipped with an LCD controller which can set the temperature, or a 24 hour countdown timer. Furthermore, the supplied remote allows you to remotely turn on and off the heating. It also has a re-designed temperature control sensor system which can accurately control the inside space temperature.

The internal 2.5 litre fuel tank allows the diesel heater to run for up to 30 hours. (average 15-20hrs depending on settings)

Technical Data  2.5kw - Diesel Heater

Technical Data 5kw - Diesel Heater

Image by Patrick Hendry

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